Juliette has been great, she is very professional, does a great job explaining the process, and makes sure you fully understand what you're investing in.  She is also very personable and really makes you feel like family.  Juliette has gained our trust and has my wife and I on track to meet our financial goals.

- Rocky

I've been working with Juliette for the last two years and couldn't be happier. In the past, I've always had employer managed retirement programs, so it was all a new experience for me. Juliette worked with me to help me figure out my long-term goals and educate me about what I need to do to achieve them. She's been very helpful in answering all of my questions and getting me into the investment plans that are right for me. I feel in control of my future but know I have an intelligent, competent financial professional guiding me along the way.

- Michael

If you want a financial professional that takes the time to know you and listens to your needs, look no further Juliette Castelli is your gal!  

Juliette helped me roll over a 401k, that I had for 15 years with a company I was no longer working for. I had no access to the account, couldn't manage it and had already attempted to roll it over once and failed. I provided Juliette the statement and she reached out to the company. She did all the hard work, figuring out what needed to be done. Really, that says it all. I did not have the time to figure out the in's and out's of the 401k company, it took a professional to do it. She made it so easy!

Now, she is managing this roll-over IRA for me and it's being managed by someone who knows me and what I need for the future. We are so excited to have found Juliette and look forward to our continued partnership.

- DJ

Juliette is an amazing financial professional! Professional, trustworthy, smart, efficient and thorough. She knows her craft in and out. I completely trust her with my financial future and I'm so grateful that I found her! She is transparent, honest and dedicated to helping others secure their financial future. I have never felt so relaxed about my finances. I know she has my back and will advise me correctly to continue that secure feeling she has given me. Her customer service is impeccable and she will explain exactly what and where your money is going. She makes you feel comfortable when you don't understand something about your portfolio and patiently and kindly covers the material until you do understand.

Castelli Financial is a one stop shop for all your investment needs.

Thank you, Juliette, for changing my life!

- Kristin

Juliette is a rare find. Yes, she is highly skilled and knowledgeable about all matters financial.  But, she is so much more.  Juliette will meet you at your level of financial knowledge and explain options and risks very clearly.  She will listen to your financial goals and even if your answer is "I don't know", she will help you formulate some goals.  She basically becomes your dear friend.  In a word, Juliette is genuine.  She has helped me plan the last few years of my career, understand where I am at with respect to retirement, and created an entire post-retirement financial strategy.  She has greatly reduced the uncertainty in my future.  Life is truly better with Juliette helping me!

- Gary

Juliette is great to work with. You can tell she really wants to help you build for your future and listens to your goals to build a custom fit product that best suits your needs.

Juliette is a friendly caring person who you can trust to help you meet your financial goals.

- Binh

I've known Juliette for over a couple years now and she has been nothing short of spectacular as a friend and a financial professional. She is a great listener who will empathize with your unique objectives and go above and beyond to assist you in achieving those goals.

I'm an accounting professional and consider myself relatively well-versed in the subject of finance. Nonetheless, her competence in the subject continues to surprise me and never have I walked away from a conversation of ours that made me doubt her capacity to serve me fully in the area of wealth management.

In the Bay Area, there are an abundant source of individuals who can also assist me with wealth planning. Anybody who has done a quick search on Google or Yelp can attest to this. However, I see no reason to stray away from Juliette for one reason: she is invested in my success. Notice how I use such a broad term, 'success' - Jules genuinely wants to see you prosper in all pertinent facets of your life. She will stay close to you after the sale, she will remember you during the holidays, she will emphasize with you during the lulls and she will celebrate with you during the highs.

They say acquaintances can either be an asset or a liability - through the sheer stroke of serendipity, Jules became one of my most valuable assets.

- Steven

Juliette is a great financial professional, listens to you carefully. A lot of other financial professionals just tells us what to do, and you know what.... I hate that... not Juliette. She has become part of our family for years to come. You need help, she's there. What more can I say!!!

- Hubert

Juliette has been terrific to work with. She's knowledgeable and personable...and has helped us clean up 10+ years of neglect of our finances. We now have everything cleaned up, a great strategy in place for the future, and are on track to meet our goals. Further, she's very well networked with other professionals and has helped connect us to some really great people who are now working with us on everything from bookkeeping to insurance to legal advice. We've appreciated her non-judgmental yet direct approach. Highly recommend.

- Trudi

Juliette is a very caring person, not only does she care about your life but she makes you feel welcomed as family. Very friendly and easy to talk with! So glad to meet her. Super professional and understanding. Thank you!!

- Yousef

I trust Juliette completely. She has a perfect blend of knowledge, compassion, and passion. She had pursued multiple avenues in growing her expertise; she is compassionate with clients and meeting their needs; she is passionate about helping her clients be financially secure and in assisting them with asset protection and growth. I trust her not only with my own needs, but with those of my family and clients as well.

- Lauren

The idea of formulating a financial strategy in order to grow wealth was slightly intimidating, until I consulted with Juliette.

She listened to my objectives and explained the entire process, so that I had a clear understanding of my next steps. After conducting a comprehensive evaluation my current situation and implemented a financial action plan that was best for me.  If you're looking for a knowledgable and communicative professional, you need Juliette Castelli in your corner!

- Temi

I met Juliette when I was 22 and she has been so much help in preparing my retirement and planning my future. She made me realize that it is never too early to prepare for the future and the sooner you start hopefully the sooner you can retire. She goes above and beyond with answering all of my questions and constantly gives me investment advice when I ask her for help. There's no other person I'd rather turn to than Juliette.

- TJ

I met Juliette from a morning group I am a part of. She is super friendly and you can tell from the first conversation you have with her that she truly cares about the well being of all her clients. Unlike other financial advisers I have had experience with, she gets to know you and your current life plans and helps you navigate the complex options available for saving for the future. She doesn't recommend something if it's not the right fit and you can tell that she really knows her stuff. I’m very happy to have found a professional I can trust to advise me. If you are looking for that personal connection to a professional you can trust, I highly recommend taking the time to sit down with Juliette and learn how she can help you.

- Matt

Juliette of Castelli Financial Services is an amazing resource for business and benefit information. When I sat down with her, I expected a sales pitch but instead she spent a considerable amount of time explaining the nuances of business entities and how to maximize revenue using tax reduction strategies. This approach of edu-selling is ingenious because once you understand the relationship between your business structure and the available options, you can make an informed decision about how you want to move forward. I recommend Castelli Financial & Insurance Services without hesitation!

- David

I am extremely pleased with Juliette's expertise and knowledge. I am a Business owner and I needed to find someone trustworthy and honest, and Juliette exceeded my expectations. I am new to all of this and needed a thorough breakdown of everything that was needed to help my Business succeed. She took her time to explain everything from finance, investments to tax -advantages and retirement plans. I now have peace of mind knowing I have a honest and knowledgeable professional by my side.

Thank you so much, Juliette!

- Daquari

If you want a financial professional who works as hard as you do, go to Castelli Financial.  When I first met with Juliette, I grilled her for more than an hour on a multitude of different kinds of financial products. She politely and thoroughly explained to me what was tax deferred, what got taxed up front, and what was most beneficial and why at various stages of life.  She even told me about investment options that she does not personally handle.  To me that is the mark of a true professional--one who cares more about her clients' interests than her own personal gain.  Juliette really takes the time to listen to the complexities of your assets, your liabilities and your unique situation to create a tailor-made financial strategy for you.

- Elisabeth

As a new business owner, I couldn't be more grateful for Juliette and her team of experts in terms of how to create a business tax strategy.  I'm a novice on this front, and her advice has been extremely valuable. She understands business needs during growth stages and how to strategize around inconsistent income.  Highly recommend!

- Alyssa

I cannot say enough great things about Juliette! I am a small business owner and was in dire need of a financial professional to help me with the future success of my business. Our first meeting was great! Juliette was honest, knowledgeable, and a true professional. If you are looking for someone who puts you and your needs first, she is definitely the person you are looking for. She is 100% invested in helping her clients succeed and very passionate about what she does. Not only that, she made me feel very comfortable and was very patient with me and all the questions I had. I would recommend her again and again and am so happy I found her! Thank you Juliette!

- Liz

Juliette is so knowledgeable and professional! She helped me prepare for my future in ways I did not know were possible. She is really easy to talk to and put my mind at ease. I will refer her to all of my friends, family and colleagues.

- Marisa

Juliette Castelli of Castelli Financial is an ethical and knowledgeable resource. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her and understand her working style.  She will go above and beyond to make sound recommendations and ensure that each client receives the best possible service.  Financial strategies are complex and require an ethical and responsible representative.

- Heidi

Juliette is so friendly and professional. She helped me rollover my old 401k and manage it with some of the top funds in the industry! She is so passionate about helping you and your family succeed financially--I really feel taken care of and she always calls us for a review of our investments at least 3/4 times per year. I always feel educated and informed of market and tax trends. Highly recommend for your comprehensive retirement planning needs!

- Adriana

Ms. Castelli has helped with the financial strategy for my small personal business.  Not only is she super easy to talk to and very trustworthy, she knows her business very well and explains everything in such a way that's easy to understand and backs it with a sold knowledge base and excellent service.  Highly recommended.

- Daniel

Juliette is a hardworking and passionate professional. Not only did she take the time to help me understand my life insurance and investment needs, but she has prepared me well for retirement. I feel so confident in the work she has done for me and I trust her completely. Highly recommend.

- Georgi

Never really thought about life insurance until a dear friend suddenly lost her spouse. We were pretty shaken up and started thinking about what we would do if we were faced with something like his. My husband and I first got in touch with Juliette a bit over a year ago to get started on a life policy, to ensure that if God forbid anything happens to either of us, the other one will at least be financially secure. When we first me Juliette, I expected the typically spiel you usually get from people in finance, but she is anything but that. Very honest, explains everything in detail, very knowledgeable and able to put complex things in simple terms and also just a very nice human being. It's never easy to talk or think about the end of your life, but I honestly have to say that I feel better knowing that I won't leave a financial burden on my spouse or will be cover in case I get seriously ill. Juliette is awesome! We felt very comfortable with her and throughout the whole process of underwriting, the exams etc. she always checked in on us, followed up promptly and made sure there are no lose ends. Truly a consummate professional. We continued working with her after that and she now also handles our retirement planning. If you're looking for an honest finance professional who cares about you and doesn't just try to sell you stuff, Juliette is the right person for you.

- Christina

I was looking for a way to have a safe investment, and when Juliette and Bill came to my work to have a financial seminar, I was immediately interested. They followed up with me afterwards and we got everything set up. Not only do they make it easy, but also very personable. I highly recommend them!

- Sean

After losing people in my family I knew I wanted to get life insurance so that what everyone was going through wouldn't happen to my husband or kids. I had no idea where to start and a friend referred me to Juliette. I went to school with Juliette but we had not seen or spoken to one another in many years. After having a conversation not only did she handle everything we needed with ease but she even drove up to my house, which is 2 hours away from her, just to give me all my paperwork and answer any and all questions. She is one of the most professional, caring, and genuine person I have ever met. If I have a question no matter what time it is I can call/ text and she will have an answer and will continue to keep me informed. She has even helped to get us to change up our stuff so it benefits us much better. If you are looking for a honest and trustworthy person to help with any financial need she is 100% the person I would recommend. She is not only amazing at her job but an amazing friend I plan to keep for life.

- Whitney

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